- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 5, 2012


Once again, it’s time to check off some items on my “TIDU List” — Things I Don’t Understand:

• Why Stephen Strasburg’s innings limit is deemed controversial.

The Nationals are following sound medical advice and a blueprint that’s working well for Jordan Zimmermann. Basing a decision on the playoff race in September would epitomize short-sightedness. After Friday’s game against Colorado, Strasburg should make roughly 10 more starts and be done, period.

The risk of long-term consequences isn’t worth the reward of short-term celebrations.

• How Dwight Howard could ruin his image much worse.

Orlando’s center was among the NBA’s most popular stars. With an electric smile and fun personality, he was a loveable giant, a certified “good guy.” But indecisiveness followed by trade ultimatums have made Howard a national ‘Dwightmare.’

He’s gone from being the face of the NBA to a lower body part on the other side.

• How Bryce Harper could’ve won the Final Vote balloting.

First he had to beat sentimental favorite Chipper Jones, eliminated from competition by a roster move. Then Harper had to beat another heartstring-tugging story, World Series MVP David Freese, longing to play for Tony La Russa one more time. That doubled the motivation for baseball-obsessed St. Louis.

Overcoming that stacked deck would’ve been Harper’s most phenomenal feat yet.

• Why Tiger Woods questions the doubts that surfaced.

He took pleasure this week in criticizing those who wondered if he’d ever win again. Now that he’s won three of his past seven starts - after failing to win for 932 days - the skepticism seems silly. “It was just a matter of time,” Woods said.

Too bad we can’t be that certain about him winning another four majors.

• How Maryland could avoid cutting seven sports.

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