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That is to improve the car, which is the same focus at McLaren, where there have been upgrades for British duo Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button ahead of their home race.

“I’m really, really excited to see how (the upgrades) behave on the car and if they actually deliver what we think they’re going to deliver,” said Hamilton, who was third in the standings.

“I think our car generally goes a little bit better on high-speed circuits than it does at low-speed circuits, so fingers crossed it will be a little bit stronger this weekend.”

Rain that is expected to drench Silverstone this weekend could help Hamilton, who will be hoping to replicate his soggy success in 2008 on the way to winning the title.

“Us Brits should be pretty good in the wet,” he said. “A lot of my success in the wet has come down to a lot of the weather we have here.

“A lot of my races up in Scotland … in karting, they’ve all contributed to the success I have nowadays.”

It was Hamilton’s collision with Pastor Maldonado at the European GP that paved the way for Michael Schumacher to finish on the podium for the first time since coming out of retirement two years ago.

And the third-place finish has given the 43-year-old German a lift going into Sunday’s race.

“After certain unlucky races it was a nice boost for everybody,” Schumacher said. “In particular the guys who work on my car who were finally able to taste a bit of champagne.”