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That led Smith, owner of Speedway Motorsports Inc., to call last week for mandatory cautions, which would bunch the field and presumably create action on the ensuing re-starts.

“You just can’t sit there and nothing is happening,” Smith said at Kentucky. “It ruins the event. It’s damaging to our sport. Look at some of your other sports _ they have a mandatory timeout, TV (commercial) time and all these things, and that creates things within the sport. If you have (cautions) every 20 laps, I don’t care. It adds to the show. Someone once said we were in show business _ if we’re in show business, let’s deliver. Let’s deliver that show. Right now, we’re not delivering.”

Drivers panned the idea, as did France and NASCAR President Mike Helton.

But, France was aware of fan frustrations over the amount of commercials shown during television broadcasts. Fans have been extremely outspoken the last few weeks about the difficulty to follow a race because only a few minutes of on-track action are shown before it cuts away to a commercial break.

“That is a fair point,” said France, who added all the television partners have strict parameters on how many commercials they can air. “I say most of our action is live action. There aren’t TV timeouts, per se, in our sport. So it’s understandable where our fans can miss something, feel like they’re missing something and be frustrated by it. I understand that.”