- The Washington Times - Friday, June 1, 2012


In the Democratic primary elections of Oklahoma, West Virginia, Kentucky and Arkansas, President Obama failed to get even 60 percent of Democrats to support his bid for re-election. That is just embarrassing for an incumbent president.

What is the problem? I suspect that many Democrats now know who and what Mr. Obama is - and they don’t like it. He is definitely not like John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey or “Scoop” Jackson. Each of those Democrats supported the right to life, a strong national defense and a respect for Americans’ constitutional rights. Mr. Obama does not.

The president has supported both funding and federal rules changes to support the abortion industry’s special interests. He has pushed for weakening America’s ability to defend itself and its national interests. He has used health care reform to write federal rules that ignore the First Amendment’s freedom of religion for those who, for religious reasons, oppose euthanasia, abortion and other objectionable practices.

I am a Democrat, but I do not support Mr. Obama. I predict that in November, millions of Democrats will enter and exit a voting booth without having voted for him. After three years of learning who and what Mr. Obama really is, people just don’t trust him.


Griffith, Ind.



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