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Poor Julia, who apparently doesn’t have a husband, is dependent upon “health care reform” for her prenatal care. With the increasingly costly requirements of Obamacare and the continuing malpractice threats, Julia will have fewer physicians from whom to choose.

Jane started her small business, a solo medical practice, with money she took out of her Veterans Affairs retirement plan. Back then, federal employees were not required to participate in Social Security, so their retirement funds actually belonged to them.

Poor Julia has to apply for a Small Business Administration loan, and it is far more expensive to start a business these days.

Jane has been forced to contribute to Social Security and Medicare since she left the VA, but her “contributions” already have been spent. Her benefits will be paid with taxes from poor Julia. Soon there will be only about two Julias to pay for each retired Jane. By the time Mr. Obama’s Julia reaches the age of Medicare eligibility, the program will be bankrupt.

The last entry in Julia’s life history is at age 67. Jane’s generation had hopes of living 20 years beyond that. That was before Mr. Obama’s health care reform and the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB).

Poor Julia.

Dr. Jane M. Orient practices internal medicine and is executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.