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As San Antonio’s streak kept growing _ eventually becoming the longest ever to carry over into the playoffs _ players frequently said it wasn’t their focus. But now that it’s over, they’d prefer if it was still going on.

“Everybody wants to win every game. That’s what you try to do: You try to win,” coach Gregg Popovich said. “They played great and they had a lot to do with us playing poorly, but nobody wants to lose a game in the playoffs. You try to win every game.”

Popovich said he thought Oklahoma City had played as though their season was on the line in Game 3. Durant said the Thunder “knew what was at stake, but we weren’t desperate.”

“We just played harder,” the three-time NBA scoring champion said. “We were there for each other, we covered for each other on the pick-and-roll. … We didn’t really make a huge adjustment.”

The Thunder still face the task of winning three out of the next four against a team that hadn’t lost since April 11.

“They’re a great team. They won 20 games (in a row). They’re not going to push the panic button after one loss,” Brooks said.

With a win Saturday night, the Spurs would put Oklahoma City in a 3-1 hole that only eight teams in NBA history have overcome.

“In every sport in every country of the world, when you win everything is great and you were almost perfect. When you lose, you start hearing critics,” Ginobili said. “It’s how the world is run and how it works. We knew and Pop was adamant in showing us that we were making mistakes, even when we were winning. But losing can happen.”