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“With any large meeting of Democrats, especially a convention, it can at times be a tense and hectic environment,” he said. “All in all, the convention was conducted in a way that allowed us to conduct our business that day, and obviously we’re continuing to have conversations with folks.”

Indeed, Ms. Gordon Donegan wants a new vote — though the logistics would be virtually impossible at this point. She also requested that Mr. Moran, Mr. Burke and Craig Fifer, the party’s vice chairman of technology, who was acting as parliamentarian, be removed from their offices with the state party — an arguably overzealous request for what the party official dismissed as spurious charges.

Mr. Tribbett said he was weighing his options for either a legal challenge or party appeal, but he wasn’t prepared to make a decision.

“There’s a whole host of issues that I have to look through with my legal team both for an appeal and for other potential actions,” he said.

Mr. Burke shrugged off the complaint.”The charges made by this woman are untrue,” he said. “It’s probably the first convention she’s attended.”

But Ms. Gordon Donegan defended herself.

“There were numerous witnesses,” she said. “The events of the day were captured on video and speak for themselves.”