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Mr. Orange, whose campaign coffers were brimming with tainted money orders tied to prolific donor Jeffrey E. Thompson, eked out a victory in the primary over Mr. Biddle.

Ms. Alexander, whose constituent services spending on rent, catering and advertising did not garner sanctions only because there were few and unspecific laws in place governing the funds, emerged from a field of Democrats.

Despite long-held questions about possible conflicts of interest between city government interests and Jack Evans’ outside employer, Patton Boggs LLP, not a single opponent emerged to challenge the fundraising juggernaut in Ward 2.

And, of course, Mr. Barry won decisively.

Each of those council members has denied wrongdoing and none has been charged.

Of course, until a day before they pleaded guilty, neither had Thomas or Brown. But in those cases maybe the voters had reason to pause. The allegations against both men emerged on the stump — before they were elected to office. That doesn’t mean every rhetorical lash levied in the heat of a campaign should be taken as truth.

But these days Mr. Machen does seem to be driving more turnover on the council than the voters.