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There have been a number of sticking points in the talks to reopen the border. Pakistan has demanded an apology for the November deaths, while Washington will go only so far as to express regret for the deaths. There have also been tough negotiations over the fee that Pakistan would charge for each truck to cross its territory. Before the November attack, the cost had been $250 per truck. As of late May, Pakistan was demanding $5,000 per truck, and the U.S. countered with $500. It’s unclear where that issue stood as of Monday.

Last week, Pakistani-U.S. relations hit a new low. Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta visited India, Pakistan’s archrival, and Afghanistan and in each locale openly expressed frustration with the Pakistani government’s willingness to help the U.S. in the war on terror, and acknowledged aloud that “the whole idea” was to leave Pakistan in the dark about the secret raid that killed Osama bin Laden in an Army garrison town in Pakistan last year.

Associated Press writer Pauline Jelinek in Washington and Chris Brummitt in Islamabad contributed to this report.