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“I think some of the fans really wanted Luck and wanted to push Peyton out so quickly after the injury they may end up regretting it if Peyton continues to win 10 or 12 games a year and gets to a Super Bowl,” Jenks added. “I hope the best for him.”

Fans weren’t the only ones who were impressed with Luck’s performance.

Wayne, the perennial Pro Bowler who said last week that he wanted to see if Luck could throw an NFL ball, liked what he saw, too.

“We’ve still got work to do, but I like him,” Wayne said. “He’s got a great ball, nice spin on it and whenever your quarterback is having fun, you’ve got to have fun, too.”

It marked the eighth time Luck has worked out with the Colts since being drafted in late April. He practiced five times during a three-day rookie mini-camp in May and returned Tuesday for two more practices after classes wrapped up at Stanford.

The Colts have one more practice scheduled during this three-day mini-camp, which ends Thursday morning.

After that, the rookies will hang around for two more weeks of work. Veterans won’t return until they report to training camp July 28 at Anderson University, about 30 miles northeast of Indy.

Between now and then, Luck and his receivers have promised to get together and continue practicing on their own.

Coach Chuck Pagano can’t wait.

“I thought Andrew did a heck of a job, both quarterbacks, really,” he said. “I know there were a couple of balls they’d like back, but that’s always the case. We’ve got two weeks left in their seven-week program and there’s a ton of things to work on.”