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Mr. Gooding cracked a couple of shower jokes, Mr. Pollak made some suggestive comments about the size of Mr. Cruise’s pen and a few f-bombs were dropped, notably a barrage on film by Mr. Cruise during a highlight reel of his career, a reel that featured Mr. Cruise kissing Cameron Diaz, Renee Zellweger and other leading ladies.

Numerous plugs were worked in for his latest movie, “Rock of Ages,” which opens Friday.

Meryl Streep presents film award to Viola Davis

They may have been Oscar rivals earlier this year, but there’s nothing but love between Meryl Streep and Viola Davis.

Ms. Streep, who ended Ms. Davis’ awards run for “The Help” by winning the lead actress Oscar for “The Iron Lady,” lauded her friend and colleague Tuesday at Women in Film’s annual Crystal + Lucy Awards.

She called Ms. Davis “a lion-hearted woman,” a gifted and determined actress who studied at Juilliard, won Tony Awards and captivated Hollywood with her eight-minute performance in “Doubt.”

“She was a newcomer at 45,” Ms. Streep joked.

Ms. Davis returned the love as she accepted the award.

“I have a confession,” she said, sharing how touched she was when Ms. Streep sent her a card after the film wrapped. Ms. Davis also kept a photo of the two of them together on set.

“OK Meryl, I framed the card,” Ms. Davis said. “So you can never come over to the house.”

Kinkade’s widow, girlfriend in court over artist’s will

Thomas Kinkade’s widow and girlfriend took their dispute over the late painter’s estate to court Tuesday as handwritten notes allegedly written by Kinkade that could be central to the clash were made public for the first time.

Amy Pinto-Walsh was living with Kinkade and found his body when the 54-year-old accidentally overdosed on alcohol and Valium in April. She asked a judge to allow arguments over the artist’s contested will to be heard in open probate court.

Attorneys for Kinkade’s wife of 30 years, Nanette Kinkade, and for his company want the terms to be decided in secret binding arbitration. The couple had been legally separated for more than two years when Kinkade died.

Ms. Pinto-Walsh has submitted handwritten notes allegedly written by Kinkade bequeathing her his mansion in Monte Sereno and $10 million to establish a museum of his paintings there, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

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