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• In daily newspaper features, Ben Birnbaum for “Diego’s Secret Just His Style.” The story was about Diego D’Ambrosio, a barber in Washington’s Dupont Circle neighborhood who cuts the hair of ambassadors from warring countries and congressmen from opposing parties but doesn’t take sides.

• In daily general news, Jim McElhatton for “Be A Star Witness, Escape Execution.” The story chronicled how Oscar Veal, a convicted contract killer for a large drug ring and murder-for-hire operation, avoided the death penalty and cut his 25-year sentence in half after cooperating with prosecutors and becoming a star witness for the government.

• Also in daily general news, Andrea Noble for “P.G. Ordinance Cracks Down on Clubs Beset by Violence.”

• In arts criticism, Emily Colette Wilkinson for “Depression Cast As A Manic Dog (Mr. Chartwell).”

• Also in arts criticism, Marion Elizabeth Rodgers for “‘Gatsby’ Author Gets Personal (F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Short Autobiography).”