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The then-district attorney’s decision not to bring charges was a mistake, an investigator testified.

The now-25-year-old man, known in court records as Victim 6, told jurors Mr. Sandusky embraced him in a locker room shower, lathered up his back and shoulders then lifted him chest-to-chest to a shower head to rinse out his hair.

The man said the shared shower happened after a brief workout at a campus gym - even though he hadn’t broken a sweat. His mother went to authorities when she saw her son come home with wet hair, although the inquiry spawned by her report didn’t lead to any charges.

Ronald Schreffler, one of the investigators who interviewed the boy and Sandusky at the time, told the court that he thought charges were warranted but that the district attorney, Ray Gricar, disagreed.

Mr. Gricar cannot explain his decision - he disappeared in 2005 and was later declared legally dead.