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The Rio+20 biodiversity and sustainability agenda means artificially reduced energy and economic development. It means rationed resources; sustained poverty and disease; and unsustainable inequality, resentment, conflict and pressure on wildlife and its habitats.

Our Creator has endowed us with a world rich in resources and even richer in intelligent, hardworking, creative people who yearn to improve their lives and be better stewards of our lands, resources and wildlife. The primary obstacles to achieving those dreams are the false ideologies, anti-development agendas and suffocating regulations being promoted at the Rio+20 Summit.

If we can eliminate those obstacles, the world can enjoy a rebirth of freedom and opportunity; stable populations; and vastly improved health, welfare and justice for billions of people. We also will bring far greater security to Earth’s wondrous multitudes of wild and scenic areas and its bounty of plant and animal species.

That would be a huge gain for our planet and people.

David Rothbard is president of the Washington-based Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow ( and Paul Driessen serves as CFACT’s senior policy adviser.