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“I hope this will spur people to go vote,” the East Lansing resident said. “We’ve got to change this.”

Brown says it isn’t just women who are upset with the House GOP leaders’ actions.

“I’ve heard from a lot of men. It’s not just women who are speaking out,” she said. Her father and mother attended the play.

The Women Lawyers Association of Michigan _ whose 650 members include men _ criticized taking away Brown’s and Byrum’s right to speak. The group said it wasn’t taking a position on the bills in question, but on the lawmakers’ free speech rights.

“Representatives Brown and Byrum had a right to have their constituents’ 150,000 voices recognized on June 14, 2012. They were neither vulgar nor disrespectful,” the group wrote in a Monday release. “When the minority is silenced, justice cannot prevail and democracy suffers.”


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