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Stow all belongings so they do not injure passengers in a crash.

Car Keys: Never leave children alone in a vehicle with the car keys. Children could operate the power windows or other vehicle controls that can be dangerous. Children can be seriously injured or killed if caught in the path of a closing window. Do not leave the keys in a vehicle with children and never leave a child alone in a vehicle. Lock all doors after leaving an empty vehicle.

GM Foundation has supported Safe Kids for the past 16 years, beginning with the Safe Kids Buckle Up program.

Safe Kids conducts programs for kids and families around the country that teach safety messages, including how to use OnStar, common vehicle myths, tips and more. A Cub Scout program is geared for kids ages 7-10; the Safest Generation program is tailored for kids ages 11-12 and the Countdown2Drive programs reaches older kids and young teens. Visit to find a program near you.