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But Fujita contends he never contributed to team-organized pools, instead paying pledges directly to teammates. The NFL’s current collective bargaining agreement applies only to pools organized by team officials, like the one former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has apologized for running.

According to a transcript AP obtained from the appeal hearing, NFL outside counsel Mary Jo White described an unnamed coach and another witness saying Fujita pledged unspecified sums of cash for “big plays” during the 2009-10 playoffs.

The NFL also presented printed reproductions of handwritten notes, which White said show Fujita pledging $1,000 to a pool for sacks and forced fumbles during the regular season, and $2,000 during the playoffs to a “general pool,” which she said in part paid for injury-inducing plays.

The note indicated safety Roman Harper, who was not punished, pledged $5,000 to the general pool, and that assistant head coach Joe Vitt pledged $5,000 to knock then-Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre out of the NFC title game.

Hoping to protect those who helped their investigation, the NFL did not present the original notes or identify who wrote them.

“We don’t know who wrote the note. We haven’t seen original, and the fact that Joe Vitt’s name is on it proves how bogus it is,” Fujita said. “No way he ever contributed not even $100 for anything. It’s not his style.”

Vitt has said the part of the document showing his pledge is false, which he said raises questions about all of the evidence.

However the bounty saga winds up, Fujita said he has no regrets about his aggressive tactics as a union leader.

“I’ve had a few concussions myself. I have a dear friend (former Saints player Steve Gleason) who has ALS. I have a friend and former mentor (Lew Bush) who died earlier this year. Then there was the tragic death of someone I’ve admired for so long, Junior Seau,” Fujita said. “I can’t say for sure that all of these things happened because of football, but I’ve seen enough to have some concerns. I was elected to fight for these men, so in no way do I regret that.”