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Republicans have said repeatedly that Ms. McCaskill is one of their top Senate targets in 2012. The GOP needs to net four seats to take control of the Senate, a task both parties believe will be difficult unless Ms. McCaskill is unseated.


Organizers change venue for Democrats’ celebration

RALEIGH — Organizers of a celebration scheduled to start the Democratic National Convention are moving the Labor Day event from Charlotte Motor Speedway to the city’s downtown.

Charlotte In 2012 spokeswoman Suzi Emmerling said late Monday that as the date of the event drew closer, logistics became a challenge. Ms. Emmerling said moving the celebration to downtown Charlotte near the convention venue would make it more accessible and family friendly. The speedway is about 18 miles outside the city.

The convention has already been shortened from the traditional four days to three to have a day to celebrate the region.

The convention is being held at Charlotte’s Time Warner Arena. President Obama’s nomination acceptance speech on Sept. 6 is scheduled for Bank of America Stadium. Both arenas are in downtown Charlotte.


State repeals law that made online lying criminal

PROVIDENCE — It may be dastardly, but it’s no longer a crime in Rhode Island to go online and lie.

State lawmakers voted this month to repeal an obscure law that made fibbing on the Internet a misdemeanor punishable by fines of up to $500 and up to a year in prison.

The law was hardly ever enforced, but it technically made it illegal to fudge your age on a dating site, to text someone claiming to be someplace you aren’t or to include a white lie in an email.

State Rep. Chris Blazejewski pushed to repeal the law, arguing it was unconstitutional.

Mr. Blazejewski said that while lies may make you a scoundrel, they shouldn’t make you a criminal unless you’re trying to commit fraud or some other offense.

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