- - Wednesday, June 27, 2012

JOHANNESBURG — A surgeon said a 3-year-old South African girl who received a cloned skin transplant is likely to be discharged from the hospital next week.

Dr. Ridwan Mia, the surgeon who attached Isabella Kruger’s skin, said Tuesday that the toddler is breathing on her own and “doing very well.”

Isabella, better known by her nickname Pippie, suffered third-degree burns on more than 80 percent of her body in an accident at a family barbecue.

Earlier this month, doctors attached the skin, which was cloned in Boston using mouse cells as a scaffold.

Pippie has started to eat baby food and even chicken after months of using feeding tubes.

Dr. Mia said Pippie will need daily therapy in the months to come, including physiotherapy to strengthen her muscles.


Iranian says Israeli agents interrogated him in Kenya

NAIROBI — One of two Iranians facing charges related to accusations that the pair planned to carry out an attack with explosives in Kenya told a court Wednesday he had been interrogated by Israeli agents while in detention.

Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammad and Sayed Mansour Mousavi were arrested last week with 33 pounds of explosives.

Mr. Mohammad on Wednesday said the two were interrogated by Israeli agents, a claim that, if true, would suggest security officials think the Iranians might have been targeting an Israeli-owned property.

Iranian agents are suspected in several attacks or thwarted attacks around the globe over the past year, including in Azerbaijan, Thailand and India. Most of the plots had connections to Israeli targets.

Several resorts on Kenya’s coast are Israeli-owned. Militants in 2002 bombed an Israeli-owned luxury hotel near Mombasa, killing 13 people. The militants also tried to shoot down an Israeli airliner at the same time. An al Qaeda operative was linked to those attacks.

Israel’s deputy ambassador to Kenya, Yaki Lopez, told the Associated Press on Wednesday that “this whole incident is an internal Kenyan issue.” He said he had no further comment, including on whether Israeli agents were involved in interrogations.


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