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Similar to Federer, U.S. Open champion Sam Stosur called the topic “a debate that’s never going to finish.”

But she also took a stance on equal pay.

“I think we deserve it. I think people come out and watch us play because they want to watch us play. I think there are a bunch of men’s matches that go five (sets) that are pretty boring to watch, as well. It’s not like a best-of-five match is better than a best-of-three, I don’t think,” Stosur said.

“I don’t think the duration means it’s better,” she added. “You want good quality.”

One female player asked about Simon’s comments, 19-year-old American Sloane Stephens, said: “I don’t care what he says about anything. He hit me with a ball the first time I was a ball kid. He hit me in the chest, because he lost a point and lost the set. He turned around and slammed the ball with his racket and hit me … and I’ve never spoken to him since then.”


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