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Google began developing the Internet-connected glasses in a secret research lab more than two years ago and announced what it was working on in April. Wednesday’s presentation marked the first extended demonstration of how the glasses might work.

Also on Wednesday, Google unveiled a new search tool to help you get the right information at the right time on your mobile device. Called Google Now, the tool will be part of Jelly Bean, which will be available in mid-July. Some devices, including the Galaxy Nexus, will get the upgrade automatically over the air.

With Google Now, if you say “traffic,” for example, it will look at your usual commute to work and show you alternative routes if there’s a lot of traffic. It will tell you the scores of your favorite sports teams automatically, and it will keep you up to date on flight statuses if you are flying somewhere.

The feature bears resemblance to the Siri virtual assistant on Apple’s iPhone.

Jelly Bean will also come with the ability to share photos by tapping two phones together.


Peter Svensson contributed from New York. AP Technology Writer Barbara Ortutay in New York contributed to this story.