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As things have stood since 2007, the council continues to be the same rubber stamp for Mayor Vincent C. Gray as it was for Adrian M. Fenty. In fact, you could say all lawmakers have done is pile their wish list on top of Mr. Gray’s — and we know whom that has not benefited.

During an interview with Mr. DePuyt on Monday, Mr. Mendelson seemingly laid out his oversight argument, saying a “lousy chair” can produce lousy oversight. (No argument here.)

Then, saying he wanted to choose his words carefully, Mr. Mendelson said that “education should be the sole focus of a committee” and that he “will present my proposal in January.”


This is exciting news for a few reasons.

1) The fall elections will be over.

2) If prosecutors have a hammer — even if it’s a mere rubber mallet — they likely will have leveled it come January.

3) Parents and other stakeholders will have gotten a close-up look at whether Mr. Mendelson is a leader or a follower, another of those Democratic jackasses that fails to bray at failed policies and poor spending habits but instead sniffs out the trails laid before him.

Congratulations to Mr. Mendelson on his chairmanship and very own bright spotlight in city hall.

Let’s see if he has something up his sleeve that the mayor and his predecessor, Kwame R. Brown, did not.

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