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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Conyers active on constituents’ behalf

- The Washington Times - Friday, June 29, 2012

The news story "Rivals betting Rep. Conyers vulnerable in Aug. primary" (Web, Monday) leaves readers with the impression that the Michigan Democrat's days in the House might be numbered.

Anyone who has been following the movements of John Conyers Jr. recently would see he is introducing bills and amendments (and winning on several), making speeches on the floor, holding and going to meetings in Washington and Detroit, getting grants for his district and advocating issue after issue to help the poor and oppressed.

Mr. Conyers' work schedule is as full as ever, and he continues to live and breathe his work. Just ask his staff, who still insist on working with him nonstop to get positive things done. Mr. Conyers is the same man he's always been. Only people who want to make him vulnerable would say otherwise. His activity and continued effectiveness are facts; saying he does not have them is a made-up myth by the opposition.



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