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“The only way we can repeal this is to get control of the White House, the Senate and the House,” said Mr. Feigel. “Because of what happened yesterday, everybody is reawakened to the threat.”

In Colorado Springs, fire officials reported making significant progress in combating the Waldo Canyon inferno, saying that the blaze is now 15 percent contained. The fire, considered the most destructive in state history, has consumed 16,750 acres and forced the evacuation of 32,000 homes.

Rescuers found a second body Friday in a home in the Mountain Shadows subdivision. One person was found dead in a home in the subdivision Thursday.

The Waldo Canyon fire is by far the largest of nine wildfires now burning in Colorado. All eight of the Air Force’s C-130 cargo fleet have been mobilized to fight fires in Colorado, the first time the entire fleet has been activated at the same time since 2008.

“I think what you see here is an example of outstanding coordination and cooperation between federal, state and local agencies,” said Mr. Obama.