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This year’s run for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will see her strategically targeting evangelicals, independents, people of color and Catholics in states that could be up for grabs.

“[Dwight] Eisenhower forced burgomasters to go into concentration camps and see what had been done [during the Holocaust],” she said. “We have to keep trying, for the children. We have to keep trying.

“We’re not going to hurt [Republican Mitt] Romney’s campaign,” she said. “We’re going to focus on states that are in question because we don’t have the money and resources.”

Mr. Obama knows if he looks to his immediate right he will find Mr. Romney, who has all but officially secured the GOP nomination. But if he were to lean back in the slightest, he would see Ms. Smith — a feisty activist standing at the ready to scrape away the sheer veneer of the war on women.

Hers is a war for humanity.

“We are standing,” she said, at the crossroads of a “crisis of conscious.”

Can she get an amen?

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