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“Because the normal crowd would have got really loud,” he said. “So I’m disappointed I didn’t get to hear that cheer when he made that flop shot. Because it’s fun; you take energy from that.”

Of course, the field wasn’t alone in missing energy, as more than 1 million homes in the D.C. area were without power. That added to the surreal sense. The tournament proceeded despite an ongoing emergency, which probably would’ve affected attendance anyway.

Woods said it reminded him of playing when thunderstorms roll through in the summer, and the course is cleared before the golfers eventually go back out and finish alone. The event was still televised, for those who had electricity or went elsewhere to watch. But the late start time forced the local CBS station to bail on coverage before play was complete.

Officials got the round in, though, and everyone was safe. But no wants to experience something like this again.

Because if fans can’t watch a PGA Tour tournament, does it really exist?