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The patriotic rock band Madison Rising has just released its take on the “The Star-Spangled Banner,” with a guitar and drum-driven rendition that takes some liberties with Francis Scott Key’s 200-year-old original but ultimately emerges as a sincere effort to raise the nation’s spirits.

“We are the brave” belts out lead singer Dave Bray, a U.S. Navy veteran.

The four-minute accompanying video uses stirring imagery from Sept. 11 plus some splendid all-American scenes from sea to shining sea; see the video at The song itself will be available on iTunes, Amazon and numerous other outlets on Tuesday.

“We’ve reworked the national anthemin an absolutely unique way, but staying as true and respectful to the original version as possible,” Mr. Bray says, noting that the banditself espouses such principles as liberty, smaller government and personal responsibility.


• 51 percent of likely Wisconsin voters approve of Gov. Scott Walker’s job performance.

• 87 percent of “very conservative” and 81 percent of “somewhat conservative” voters in the state plan to vote for Mr. Walker.

• 36 percent of moderate voters agree.

• 47 percent of the state’s voters plan to vote for Democratic challenger Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the recall.

• 80 percent of “very liberal” and 81 percent of “somewhat liberal” voters in the state agree.

• 60 percent of moderate voters also agree.

Source: A Public Policy Polling survey of 1,226 likely Wisconsin voters conducted June 2-3.

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