- The Washington Times - Monday, June 4, 2012


No one would argue that President Obama is not a consummate politician, able to defend the indefensible. However, he crossed the line when he claimed in his attempt to influence Jewish voters that the security of Israel is one of his prime concerns (“Obama’s chutzpah,” Comment & Analysis, Thursday).

Most liberal Jews have placed social issues before the fate of Israel. But more conservative - and especially older - Jewish men and women now have doubts about the true attitude of Mr. Obama, especially after his statements about withdrawal of Israel to its pre-1967 temporary armistice lines. This would entail the forceful evacuation of 600,000 Israelis - 10 percent of the Jewish population of that nation.

Mr. Obama’s hardly veiled contempt for Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu, his laudatory comments about the Arab world (including apologies for purported U.S. transgressions) and his previous and continuing association with virulent critics of Israel do not sit well with American Jews concerned about the future of Israel.

Mr. Obama has previously shown his true colors. When the chips are down, the U.S. Jewish electorate has reason for concern about his stance on Israel’s fate.


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