- - Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CAIRO — One of the Egyptian defendants in the case of pro-democracy groups accused of illegally taking foreign funds says judges have postponed the trial until next month.

Rawda Saeed, one of 43 facing charges, said prosecution witnesses including Egypt’s minister of international cooperation will address the court starting July 4. She said the next sessions would be closed to the media.

Only 17 defendants, including two Americans and one German, were in court Tuesday.

The other defendants are no longer inside Egypt. They include six Americans who were allowed to leave in March.

Ms. Saeed said the judge released a dual national U.S.-Egyptian defendant who was detained Sunday upon his return from the United States to attend the trial.

The case has shaken U.S.-Egyptian relations.


Guards subdue rioters at 2 Baghdad prisons

BAGHDAD — Guards put down riots at two Baghdad prisons Tuesday by firing into the air and swinging clubs after inmates set tents, garbage and blankets on fire, officials said.

Twelve prisoners suffered burns and one was shot in the leg, police and prison officials said.

The unrest erupted when prisoners loyal to radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr at the 4th Risafa Detention Facility and at Baladiyat Prison were told they would be sent to a third lockup.

After prisoners started fires, security forces stormed the two prisons, firing weapons and beating inmates with clubs to subdue them.

Later Tuesday, a bomb went off close to the outer fence of a Shiite mosque in eastern Baghdad, wounding eight passers-by, police said.

Elsewhere in eastern Baghdad, two mortar rounds landed in an empty yard near the Interior Ministry, causing no damage or injuries.


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