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“It’s something that’s literally under your skin and already makes you feel kind of queasy,” Fassbender said. “Then to see it on screen. It’s kind of a sick fantasy to have, but with any luck, millions of people will be suffering nightmares from that hectic scene in the middle with Noomi.”

Rapace spent about a week shooting that scene, and it gave her nightmares herself.

“I was a complete mess,” Rapace said. “I even had a dream that I woke up from a nightmare holding my tummy and thought, something was moving in there, and thought, oh my God, this cannot be happening. I better call someone, and the first thought was to call Ridley. He’ll know what to do.”

Scott knows what he’d like to do now with “Prometheus”: make a sequel.

There are no simple answers at the end of the film, which sets the characters and the audience up for even bigger questions to ask in the next chapter.

A “Prometheus” follow-up might explain more of the connections to “Alien,” but this first film is more of a taste or a teaser on how the two stories fit together.

“That would be too linear, too neat. That would be like a jigsaw puzzle, putting all the pieces in place,” Scott said. “It’s like doing `Blade Runner’ again. You can’t just pick up where you left off and continue. You have to ask how we can rework this into the universe we live in 40 years on.”