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In “Kill Bill 2,” he said, it was the former hit man Budd’s love for his cowboy hat that showed his human side. Tarantino didn’t initially want in the movie, but it worked _ helping to flesh out Budd’s character.

“I refused to give up my hat, and it made him psychologically affected in the scene when he took it off.”

Aside from his broad film career _ he’s starred in 170 features _ Madsen is also a published poet. He said he started out writing because film sets “gets so lonely,” scrawling on coasters and even once on his leg.

Things however, got serious when his work got the attention of the late Dennis Hopper, who encouraged his writing and even wrote the forward to the 1998 collection “Burning in Paradise.”

Madsen said he last saw Hopper, who died at age 74, in 2010 when he was given a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Dennis joked he’d have to be dying before they gave him a star, and it was true.”

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