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“I would do it. I think I would always do it,” Rivers said. “I mean, listen, if Kevin, Paul, Ray, Rondo were out and they could play tonight and they hadn’t played, I’d play `em. I wouldn’t even hesitate. I don’t think really coaches hesitate on that. And number one, Bosh hasn’t been out that long. It’s not like he’s been out two months and he’s just coming back. He’s missed, what, seven, eight games, nine games? That’s not that long.”

Bosh’s return came on a difficult day for his family. Miami Beach police said a masseuse collapsed at Bosh’s home and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital on Monday night. Police did not find any signs of foul play, and Bosh and his wife Adrienne Bosh released a statement through the team expressing sadness for the masseuse’s family.

“Last evening, a massage therapist that we have used for some time, arrived at our home to provide massage therapy,” read the statement. “Shortly after she arrived, she fainted and lost consciousness. We called 911 and emergency personnel arrived at our home shortly thereafter. They took her to Mount Sinai Hospital, where she passed away. Our hearts go out to her family. We are very sorry for their loss.”

Afterward, Bosh was emotional when asked to discuss the whirlwind 24 hours.

“It was good just to be able to do what I love,” Bosh said. “I was happy just to do that. With everything going on, life happens.”

On Wednesday, he and the Heat will leave for Boston, and Bosh said he _ and his teammates _ will be locked in on the massive challenge.

“It’s going to be an extremely difficult time,” Bosh said. “But that’s what the playoffs are about. In order to get to where we want to go, we’re going to have to face huge challenges. And I think we’re in the biggest challenge of our lives right now, of our professional careers. We just have to overcome it. It’s going to be very, very difficult. But that’s how it’s supposed to be.”


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