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Concert: Violinist Yevgeny Kutik

Move over, Joshua Bell, there’s a new hot young violinist on the American scene. Yevgeny Kutik, a 24-year-old Russian-American who moved from Russia to Massachusetts as a child, plays a very different kind of violin, with an older, more ominous and vibrato-laden tone than his contemporaries play. On dark songs, it is terrifying. On light songs, it is perfectly plaintive. The raven-haired Mr. Kutik plays with soul and a hint of madness — during a performance of Shostakovich’s Concerto No. 1, Mr. Kutik swings around on his hips like a toy and can barely stand in one place. He’ll be accompanied at this weekend’s performance by pianist Timothy Bozarth, with whom Mr. Kutik has played for years and who is a virtuoso in his own right.

Friday at the Embassy of Luxembourg, 2200 Massachusetts Ave., NW

Phone: 202/625-2361


Festival: DC Jazz Fest

The D.C. Jazz Festival is in full swing, which means you can catch great jazz acts at venues all over the District. There are student concerts as well as master concerts, stuff for the whole family and stuff just for jazz heads. While there’s a whole calendar to choose from, we recommend the Peter Edelman Trio. The group performs regularly at Columbia Station in Adams Morgan, which means that if you like the trio during Jazz Fest, you can catch it again after the fest is over. Also: Lena Seikaly, because there’s a reason she’s sung with half the bands in town.

Through Sunday


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