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The six pitchers ties the record for the most used in a no-hitter. It also was the second no-hitter at Safeco Field this season, joining Phil Humber’s perfect game for the White Sox in April.

The two gems are the first no-hitters in the park’s 13-year history, and umpire Brian Runge was behind home plate for both of them.

Johan Santana of the Mets and Jered Weaver of the Angels are the only other players with no-hitters this season.

The Dodgers‘ clubhouse was loose Saturday morning. Manager Don Mattingly was not taken back by the result.

“There really was nothing really about the game, other than getting beat, that I was really dissatisfied with,” Mattingly said. “I didn’t feel a lack of effort or anything like that. They shut us down.

“It’s not one of those you walk away from, gee, I’m really disappointed with my club, they didn’t come to play . the biggest disappointment is you didn’t get a win. Wouldn’t matter if it was 10-9, 5-4, 3-2 or 1-0. It’s going to be an L no matter how you slice it.”

It was sliced in a rare six ways, but Mariners manager Eric Wedge has already moved on.

“Last night, was last night, and today’s today,” Wedge said.