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b.) Ed Furgol

c.) Francis Ouimet

12. Who was the last amateur to win the U.S. Open?

a.) Bobby Jones

b.) Nathaniel Crosby

c.) John Goodman

13. Which break did Lee Janzen get on his way to winning the 1998 U.S. Open at Olympic Club?

a.) His ball was dislodged from a tree as he walked back to the tee in the final round.

b.) The hole location on the 18th green was moved before he played it in the second round.

c.) His caddie spotted a 15th club in his bag just before he teed off.

14. Which course along the ocean hosted the first U.S. Open?

a.) Shinnecock

b.) Newport

c.) Seminole

15. Name the last player to win the U.S. Open without breaking par in any of the four rounds.

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