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HBO’s “Game Change” airs a week from Saturday; the big drama is a Hollywood version of the 2008 election. The network claims it’s a balanced portrayal. Many conservatives think otherwise. Sen. John McCain has already declared he won’t watch it, and that’s that for the Arizona Republican.

And Sarah Palin? Her political action committee has issued a snappy video for her rebuttal, called “Game Change We Can Believe In,” composed of much serious news footage that serves as a reminder of her political prowess, including Mrs. Palin’s 2008 vice-presidential debate with Joseph R. Biden. See the video here:


Super Tuesday dawns in about 100 hours. The quartet of Republican presidential hopefuls are busy, busy, busy, appearing in four states this weekend, pining for a share of the 413 delegates now up for grabs in 10 state primaries. Much of the focus is on Washington and Ohio, and events are primarily of the high-volume, town-hall variety. Alaska fans of Rep. Ron Paul of Texas are insisting that he’s coming for a visit. Soon.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich plans to rule Sunday morning. Seeking traction and buzz, he will appear on network morning talking shows on NBC, ABC and CBS. Meanwhile, here’s the master plan for one and all:

Washington: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, Mr. Paul.

Georgia: Mr. Gingrich.

Ohio: Mr. Santorum and Mr. Romney (who incidentally will appear with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in Cleveland).

Idaho: Mr. Paul.


• 86 percent of Americans expect gas prices to go up.

• 6 percent say prices will decrease; 5 percent say they will stay the same.

• 67 percent say high gas prices have caused “financial hardship” in their households.

• 38 percent say that hardship is “serious.”

• 37 percent of Republicans and 28 percent of Democrats agree.

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