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“I only want to see games that are competitive,” he said.

Monroe is a fan of John Wall, but he says the Wizards point guard still has much to learn.

“I think John Wall can run with anybody, but he needs a better jump shot,” Monroe said. “You shouldn’t come into the pros having to learn how to play. There are a lot of reasons to stay in college for more than one year and maturity is one of them. That’s not a knock on Wall, it’s just the way things have changed.

“In this league, we have so many young players now. When I played, teams had a structure. Guys had to earn their way and adhere to the structure of the team.”

The Wizards retired Monroe’s No. 10 jersey in 2007, 27 years after his retirement. During the ceremony, Monroe got a little choked up when told how many people played basketball as children and pretended to be him. Asked what took them so long to retire his number, Monroe simply shrugged before breaking into his famous wide grin and recalling his glory days on the court.

“If I haven’t seen it or done it,” he said with a hint of bittersweet pride, “it hasn’t been done.”