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Libyan documents leaked last year stated that Mr. Livingstone was among a group seeking a multimillion dollar payday to help Moammar Gadhafi find a safe haven. Mr. Livingstone says it was part of an effort to save lives by ending the civil strife.

Former associates say Mr. Livingstone’s latest consulting firm called Executive Action, launched in 2007, was forced to close as business dried up.

Mr. Livingstone argues unwinding the company was a “conscious decision.”


Murkowski regrets voting with GOP on birth control

Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she saw it coming, even before the public scolding last weekend at Alaska’s Iditarod dog-sled race.

Siding with Republican leaders on a contentious contraceptives vote was a mistake, she said.

Ms. Murkowski voted in favor of an amendment by Sen. Roy Blunt to overturn President Obama’s order that health insurance cover the cost of contraceptives even if providers object on religious grounds. She was backpedaling within days.

One woman in the Iditarod crowd yelled at the senator. Another was more civil, but made the same point: Ms. Murkowski ticked off a lot of women with that vote.

“With her vote, Murkowski showed her true colors and put her party’s anti-female agenda ahead of the Alaska women she is supposed to represent,” Fairbanks resident Michelle Cason wrote to the editor of the city’s Daily News-Miner.

Before the weekend was out, Ms. Murkowski told the Anchorage Daily News that she regretted her vote.

“I knew going into it that there was conflict there,” Ms. Murkowski said in a telephone interview this past week. When she got home to Alaska, she knew. “I think I made a mistake.”

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