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“It’s so meager,” she said. “Yes, it’s a good thing … but let’s not mistake it for what we need to do for a real serious, comprehensive jobs bill for our country.”

The package has broad support in the Senate, though Democrats there want to put their own stamp on it.

“I’m not here to bemoan and say the House bill is very bad, because it’s a step forward,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat. But “we’ll come up with our own bill and we’ll move as quickly as we can on that legislation.”

The White House last week issued a statement supporting the House package but added that President Obama already proposed several initiatives to help small businesses, items he included in an address to Congress last September and in his Startup America Legislative Agenda he sent to Capitol Hill last month.

“In both the speech and the agenda, the president called for cutting the red tape that prevents many rapidly growing startup companies from raising needed capital,” the statement said. “The president is encouraged to see that there is common ground between his approach and some of the proposals in” the House measure.