- Associated Press - Sunday, March 11, 2012

SUN VALLEY, Idaho (AP) — The 18-year-old son of ArnoldSchwarzenegger and Maria Shriver said Saturday he had been treated for injuries after getting in “a little ski accident” in Idaho.

Patrick Schwarzenegger tweeted that he received stitches “down the back and but [sic]” after the accident, and he also thanked doctors who he said cared for him in Sun Valley.

He provided a link to a photo he posted to the social networking application Instagram, showing a deep cut on his lower back. He also said that he had been bruised in the accident, but he did not provide details on how he got injured.

A spokesman for Ms. Shriver did not provide further details.

In 2006, Arnold Schwarzenegger broke his leg in a ski accident at Sun Valley while he was governor of California.