- The Washington Times - Monday, March 12, 2012


Each day that I read my morning newspapers and turn on CNN, I am subjected to statements telling the electorate that Mitt Romney has “a problem with” evangelical Christians, social conservatives, blue-collar voters, the South, etc. The liberal media and pundits would have us believe Mr. Romney is a weak and problematic candidate who cannot “close the deal” or connect with voters.

The opposition, socially conservative talk-show hosts and Fox News tell us Mr. Romney cannot win over certain GOP voters. Well, it seems to me that Mr. Romney is not the one with the problem. More than 3.18 million voters to date have had no problem voting for Mr. Romney. He continues to win primaries and caucuses and has accumulated 430 delegates with no problem. He has an organized ground game, strong war chest and a wealth of passionate supporters.

Mr. Romney has gained the endorsement of a former president and vice president, governors and members of Congress, all because they think he is the strongest candidate to go against President Obama in November.

The problem here is with the GOP, in my opinion. Where would the Republican Party be without the strength of Mr. Romney or the support of his loyal, passionate voters? It seems to me that the GOP leadership should encourage the base to unite behind Mr. Romney lest they chance losing their strongest candidate and the millions of loyal supporters who stand solidly behind him.

Now that would be a problem.


Huntington Beach, Calif.



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