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“We’ve kind of got to get that reversed and try to get teams to speed up and play the style we want to.”

Bilas puts significant emphasis on officiating and limiting overly physical play. One example came late in Kansas’ overtime home win against Missouri, when KU’s Thomas Robinson blocked a layup from Phil Pressey _ Robinson got the ball cleanly but knocked Pressey to the floor with his body _ on a no-call at the end of regulation.

Bilas said calling fouls on physical play would lead to more free throws and deter defenders from the bumping and holding that impedes offensive movement. It wouldn’t just make it easier to score _ it could make the game a better product.

“It just doesn’t serve the game’s interest the way we’re doing it,” Bilas said. “How would the game suffer if Tyler Zeller weren’t held? If you’re a really good big guy _ I mean, really good _ why would you want to stay in college? So you can have guys hang all over you and you can’t execute a play and they don’t call it? And you can go to the NBA and get to execute in a 1-on-1 environment, they call fouls and you get paid for it.”


AP Sports Writers Colin Fly in Lexington, Ky., and Beth Harris in Los Angeles contributed to this report.