- Associated Press - Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This is one NCAA test not to take seriously. Those who do will miss all the fun.

For those breaking down brackets, digging out school colors or gettin’ on game faces, we’re bounce-passing your way our irreverent nickname quiz.

From Aztecs to Wolverines, Billikens to Boilermakers, Engineers to Mountaineers and Jackrabbits to Jayhawks, here’s a little pre-tourney tourney to test your nickname knowledge of almost every college in the tournament.

1. Who are the red teams?

2. The blue teams?

3. Some of the fastest teams? (land speed)

4. We’re counting lots of cats, as usual. How many can you name?

5. And who let the dogs out?

6. How about the flock of birds in the brackets?

7. Who are the `eer teams?

8. Who’s in the Wall Street game?

9. The bears have the NCAA market cornered. Who are they?

10. Who has horns?

11. Teams from Hell?

12. Which teams are climbing?

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