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Mr. Gandhi, who was in the tax office at the time, played a key role in rewriting the Barry playbook, too.

Now Mr. Gray wants to tar and feather Mr. Gandhi, whose five-year CFO term will end in June without a reappointment.

To be sure, Mr. Gandhi’s tenure is tarnished with $50 million in thievery conducted mostly at the hands of people under his employ. But when Congress needs a respectable and honest diagnosis of the city’s fiscal health, they take Mr. Gandhi at his word, as they did Mr. Williams.

For Mr. Gray to look at Mr. Gandhi’s forecasts through a lens darkly raises the specter of not new math, but bad math.

Surely, the mayor does not want to go down that road.

The city was resurrected because Mr. Williams and Mr. Gandhi were not “yes” men.

If that’s what Mr. Gray wants in a CFO, a “yes” man, then the city is headed for Barry lite.

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