- - Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Hollywood heavyweights are joining the call for a lower rating on the teen-focused documentary “Bully.”

The Weinstein Co., which is releasing the film March 30, said Tuesday that Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees have signed on to support the film, the Associated Press reports.

Lee Hirsch’s documentary on bullying in American schools has been rated R, which restricts children younger than 17 from seeing it without an adult. The Motion Picture Association of America, which oversees movie ratings, cited language as the reason for the R rating.

Distributors appealed the decision, but it was upheld by the MPAA.

That prompted a Michigan teenager who was bullied in middle school to start an online petition calling for a lower rating for the film so more young people can see it. She met with MPAA officials last week and delivered the 200,000 signatures she collected, but the group declined to change the rating.

Katy Butler, a 17-year-old high school junior from Ann Arbor, now has nearly 300,000 signatures on her petition on Change.org.

MPAA spokesman Howard Gantman did not address the possibility of a PG-13 for “Bully” in his response Tuesday to the growing call for a revision of its rating.

Lindsay Lohan’s driving back in the news

Lindsay Lohan’s black Porsche was surrounded by paparazzi when her sports car grazed the knee of a man outside a Hollywood club early Wednesday, police said.

Miss Lohan drove off and a police report wasn’t taken because the Hookah Lounge employee wasn’t hurt, Los Angeles police Sgt. Mark Ro said.

The 25-year-old “Mean Girls” star was trying to make a U-turn outside the club at about 12:30 a.m., the Associated Press reports

“Space was tight,” the sergeant said, adding that Miss Lohan may have nudged the lounge employee’s parked car.

“He came out and said, ‘Don’t hit my car,’ ” Sgt. Ro said. “She was making a multipoint U-turn and photographers were in her way.”

The sergeant said he didn’t know who called police, but the lounge employee, whose name hasn’t been released, told officers that Miss Lohan’s Porsche grazed his knee. There was no injury and the man’s car wasn’t damaged.

“We did not take a report for hit-and-run,” Sgt. Ro said. “We didn’t go looking for her.”

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