- The Washington Times - Thursday, March 15, 2012


President Obama and the Democrats have deliberately created a narrative for an election year. The contraception issue, which is really a freedom of religion issue, is the left’s way of trying to grow government, stifle religious freedom and discourage personal responsibility.

This latest ploy by the left of having law student Sandra Fluke testify before Congress about women at Georgetown University needing someone else to pay for their promiscuous behavior really takes the cake. The left is on the attack against Rush Limbaugh for his response to the ridiculous testimony. But they and Ms. Fluke need to look in the mirror if they want to attach blame. They want to push their agenda, but do not want criticism.

For Ms. Fluke to go before Congress and basically ask taxpayers and a Catholic university to foot the bill for her sexual needs is offensive beyond description. The left knew there would be controversy; they wanted it so they could use it against Republicans and anyone associated with the GOP. Throw in a little fundraising and some politics of personal destruction, and voila - an election distraction, a red herring.

I could not care less what Ms. Fluke and her ilk do with their personal lives. They just had better not expect us to pay for it. I thought the left was all about choice and sexual freedom without interference. They cannot have it both ways. Our freedoms are being trampled for the sake of further destroying our culture. First we had a Democrat in the White House making sexual gratification a topic of conversation for school children. Now Democrats in Congress are trying to give away contraceptives.

To add insult to injury, Mr. Obama called Ms. Fluke and told her that her “parents should be proud.” What more needs to be said?


Brandon, Miss.



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