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But for opera singers, the transition to performing in a musical requires vocal and acting adjustments. The florid operatic acting style suitable for “Tosca” and “La Traviata” needs to be toned down. As for the voice, Miss Voigt said she tends to adapt the musical style to her voice rather than the other way around.

Mr. Rhodes will play Gaylord Ravenal, the handsome gambler in the WNO’s “Show Boat” but said he doesn’t think the transition from opera will be much of a gamble.

“The way Mozart wrote is different from the way Bizet wrote,” he said, “so you already have to make certain adjustments. I don’t sing Escamille [in ‘Carmen’] the way I sing Guglielmo [in ‘Cosi’]. I don’t think I’d be employed to sing in ‘The Jersey Boys,’ but I can handle the old romantic classics.”

Mr. Rhodes added that he would hesitate to try a musical role that also involved dancing.

“In this profession, you have to stick to what you’re good at. If you know what that is.”