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It’s a different task than Friday, when Whittington was a significant link in the zone the Hoyas sent against perimeter-oriented Belmont. That scheme forced the Bruins into deeper outside shots, and Whittington helped Georgetown deny passes either into the interior or along the 3-point line.

His numbers were relatively unremarkable — seven points, four rebounds, two blocks — but the impact was a hint of just how far Whittington’s come in the last six months.

“I’m a way better defender,” Whittington said. “I’m starting to take better angles, starting to use my hands more and my length. The more I use my length, the more I can disrupt guys.”

Eventually, it will translate into offense again. He’s reached double figures in scoring three times since mid-February, a glimmer of just what Whittington could provide long-term for the Hoyas.

“When he really gets in his groove, he’s going to be able to light it up,” Hoyas forward Hollis Thompson said. “Look for him to get some serious buckets in the future.”

It’s not a far-fetched outcome, not for a guy who has gone from ignored to indispensable in just two years. But the present day is working out just fine, and that’s something both Whittington and the Hoyas can surely appreciate.