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A byproduct of the debate over health care reform is discussion about the state of women’s liberation. In their zeal to own the argument and prove archaic Republicans are conducting a “war on women,” Democrats are not doing the old feminist cause any favors — or themselves for that matter.

“It’s been my understanding that women’s liberation always tried to direct the conversation and the public discourse away from the subject of women’s bodies. Now the entire conversation appears to about the female reproductive tract,” Sabrina Schaeffer, executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum, tells Inside the Beltway.

“The debate over President Obama’s contraception mandate revolves around birth control and identity politics. But contrary to what women’s groups on the left suggest, women today are not interested in talk of gender roles. They are focused on real economic issues that affect their families — job creation, the national debt, energy prices, the proper role of the federal government in our lives.

“To reduce this debate to a discussion about birth control rather than jobs and economic security is the real attack on women here.”


• 95 percent of “ultrawealthy” Americans say innovation is critical in maintaining their success.

• 80 percent say the family work ethic is the most important component of their success.

• 41 percent rely on professional advisers as “the most likely source” of innovation.

• 37 percent expect innovation to emerge from the business itself.

• 36 percent expect innovation to come from younger family members.

• 34 percent said the wealth management business is not innovative.

Source: An SEI Private Wealth Management/Scorpio Partnership annual survey of 100 people representing families with financial assets more than $20 million, released Tuesday.

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