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Army launches crackdown on rebel activity

KAMPALA | The Ugandan military has launched a crackdown on Ugandans suspected of supporting a resurgent rebellion, opposition politicians said Wednesday, warning that the military operation could soon target politicians opposed to the government.

The Uganda People’s Congress, one of the country’s oldest political parties, said 86 Ugandans have been detained at secret locations around the country as the army moves to combat what it views as a resurgent rebel group - the Allied Democratic Forces - in central and eastern Uganda.

The army said it is holding 60 people and denies its methods are violent.


Niger arrests rebel who fought for Gadhafi

NIAMEY | A Tuareg rebel leader who belonged to Moammar Gadhafi’s inner circle and led the last Tuareg uprising in the West African nation was arrested overnight in Niger’s capital, a family member said Wednesday.

Aghali Alambo led a Tuareg rebellion against the government of Niger from 2007 to 2009. The peace accord was brokered by Gadhafi.

After the end of the fighting, Mr. Alambo exiled himself to Tripoli, where he became one of Gadhafi’s trusted aides, staying at his side until just before the fall of the capital last year.

Ahmad Ahlawey, a relative of Mr. Alambo’s, said the government is accusing Mr. Alambo being linked to an explosives-loaded three-car convoy that was stopped trying to cross into Niger from Libya recently.


Police arrest son of former president

BLANTYRE | Police this week arrested the son of the former president who is also a candidate for the same office his father held, officials of his United Democratic Party said this week.

Austin Atupele Muluzi, 34, was arrested Tuesday as he drove his car toward Blantyre, the commercial capital. Mr. Muluzi is the son of Malawi’s former president Bakili Muluzi.

Police said the arrests of Mr. Muluzi and two others followed investigations into violent disturbances at a political rally they organized Sunday.

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